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Signatures for Derrick Yates as Permanent Director of Bands

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1 ZeldraVawters Mr. Derrick Yates is the best and only real choice for Director of Bands at Alabama A & M University. As an alumni of this great institution, he understands the unique and rich history of the university and the band program- moving them both forward.
2 XantheiaWatkins  
3 TeranceHarper As a former member of the Marching Maroon & White I feel as if Mr. Yates deserves the position of Director of Bands. He has worked hard and diligently to improve and build the students in the program.
4 AlonzoCarter  
5 DarylLockhart  
6 AnthonyPickard II  
7 QuentinPearson Mr. Yates is the perfect man for this position. He will continue to uphold the legacy, heritage, and excellence that the Marching Maroon & White displays week after week.
8 EltonThomas Can't Let The History and Tradition Die
9 AlonzoButts  
10 HenryGreen We need to stick to TRADITION and our HERITAGE! Dismissing an alumni member our own roots and bringing someone totally new in would be straying away from what has driven so many alumni support of the Marching Maroon and White Band for years! I feel Mr. Ya
11 BrianaBarley  
12 EnochBrome  
13 ShelmanMiller Mr. Yates is doing an awesome job. Letting him go seems like a set up by the administration. You help provide the band with new instruments and uniforms, then cut scholarships a month before band camp, which makes the band much smaller than normal.
14 AlandusRice Our Alma Mater says: Alabama A&M rich in heritage divine. Keep this heritage going
15 JonathanBarnett Mr. Yates is a product of AAMU and it's music department. He's made a lot of improvements within the band program since he's been in charge. He has proven that he has what it takes to be Director of Bands.
16 ChristopherEvans  
17 MarcusMurphy  
18 AnthonyPickardIII Mr. Yates has brought this band program to new heights.
19 DavidThomas  
20 JuanIrby Mr. Yates has brought the band to new heights. Not having him will be a total outrage. He is th band. He knows what the students want. He help get new uniforms, new instruments, etc. he knows the A&M way and he is make up the Show band of the South.
21 DavidWallace  
22 CoreyPyles  
23 JasonEtheridfge I have watched and have been under the watch of Mr. Yates for the past 15 years and I have seen nothing short of his dedication to his craft, Alabama A&M as a university, and all of its band programs.
24 keciadixson  
25 BerryByrd  
26 DeUndraBurch  
27 UzzielStewart Jr  
28 AndrewBryant  
29 GeorgeMitchell Mr. Yates is great for this position. He is a class act educator and will impact alot of young people's lives for years to come. Personally he was like a father to me and he taught and dispalyed values that I use right now in my life.